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Dwarf Ponderosa Lemon Tree, 3 Gallon

Dwarf Ponderosa Lemon Tree, 3 Gallon

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The Ponderosa Lemon is a tropical hybrid that produces jumbo-sized lemons. A cross between the citron and the traditional lemon, Ponderosa Lemons reach the size of grapefruits, each one weighing 1 to 2 pounds!
Ponderosas can produce lemons year-round, depending on your climate, but peak harvest seasons are late summer and winter. Planted outside, your tree will reach a height up to 24 feet for those living in zones 9-11. You’ll have pounds of giant fruit ready to be picked all year long.
The sweet flavor of this lemon will make all your food taste better. You’ll get a lot of juice from each giant lemon, adding more flavor to main courses. Ponderosa Lemons are thick-skinned and their bumpy rind is great for making lemon zest. You’ll also never be without lemon flavoring for cooked vegetables, chicken, and fish! They’re great to have on hand to add that special touch to evening cocktails as well.
Your lemon desserts will taste fresher, as will your frozen treats. You’ll always have enough lemons to make gourmet lemonade by the pitchers-full. (If you’ve never tried lemonade from a Ponderosa, prepare to be delighted!)
Each Ponderosa Lemon is also full of Calcium, Fiber, Iron, Vitamin C, and essential Antioxidants. With lots of home-grown lemons at your beckon, start looking forward to more, flavorful, vitamin-rich dishes.
The Ponderosa Lemon possesses a very uncommon trait. It bears fruit and flowers simultaneously. It’s hard to find a showier accent plant when you consider the beautiful white blooming flowers that are tinged with purple - alongside bright yellow lemons. Ponderosa Lemons remain on the tree for many months without deteriorating, so you won’t feel rushed to pick them. You’ll always be able to see lemons on your tree.

The Ponderosa Lemon is an excellent indoor grower because it is not fussy about soil type, doesn’t mind extensive pruning, and does well in containers. Your adaptable, tropical companion will travel seamlessly from the patio to indoors. The blooms are very fragrant, and since the Ponderosa Lemon blooms and produces fruit at the same time, you’ll get a tantalizing mix of fragrances
. The sublime scent of its flowers blends with the sweetness of the lemons to release a fresh, floral aroma like no other fruit tree.

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