Mid-County Farm & Feed
Through honesty, teamwork, and dependable customer service, our customers receive the best possible solutions we can provide.

Our Story In 1946, a World War II Air Force veteran came home to the town of Nederland, Texas after spending a year as a prisoner of war. He was a tail gunner on a B-24 “Liberator” when his plane crashed during a mission over Hungary. When he got home he married his wife, Virginia, and the two began their adventure as local business owners. Together they built an honest, hard working, family feed store. This man was Rayford Guzardo. Mr. Guzardo worked in his store for more than 50 years and gained respect from his entire community. He and the store are known throughout southeast Texas by the standards he first set for his business. Mr. Guzardo has dedicated his life to his family, his community, and to the Lord. In 2005, just before Hurricane Rita, Robert and Pearl Pool of Port Neches, Texas bought this little store that is now called Mid-County Farm & Feed Supply. They paved the way for innovation while never ceasing to take care of the customers that Mr. Guzardo won over all those years ago. In January of 2018, Robert and Pearl handed the reins over to their son, David. David has been a long-time employee that our customers know and adore. Most people with questions come in and ask for “the bearded fella that knows everything about *insert topic here*.” In a community where farming, gardening, equine, and livestock is becoming less and less popular, we strive to always take care of our customers that will always call us “Guzardo’s.” Mr. Rayford Guzardo set a standard over 70 years ago that we continue to strive for every day. We are constantly looking for new ways to grow with our community and to always be “more than just a feed store.” We love to share our knowledge and our passion with everyone who walks through our doors.